Silver closures 925 Sealver

SEALVER 925 is the first and only capsule in the World entirely made of SILVER 925, the same title used to make jewels.
Its name, in fact, comes from the union of the key-words which characterize this closure: SEAL + SILVER.A unique capsule, made of a precious and shiny metal, but not only this.
Silver, in fact, also has excellent anti germicidal and non-toxic properties.
Its neutrality to flavours and colours induced sommeliers to use this metal as their distinctive symbol, the “tastevin”.
SEALVER 925, not only will make your bottles precious, but will be a guaranteed antibacterial closure.

  • Size 34 X 80 mm
  • Conicity 3°
  • Embossing
  • Vertical flutes and separation notches
  • BISTA PRINTING top customization
  • BISTA PRINTING side customization